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Warning: ghana.co.uk

Complaints: Fake profiles and fRAUD on dating site

I have had several reports of my copyrighted photos being illegally used on fake profiles on the dating section of www.ghana.co.uk. The administrators of the site has not to take my complaints serious (there has been no reaction at all). My request to have fake pictures removed has been complete ignored. The profiles using my photos are fake an I therefore warn against trusting profiles on www.ghana.co.uk. The site administrators should remove the pictures, but instead they have ignored all complaints about violation of copyright laws. I also think the site shows lack of responsibility when it comes to African moral values. Pictures of these models/girls are being abused on their server.

Background: fraud on Dating sites

Several dating sites (including many aimed at the African/black community) are actually big collections of scams and fraud. A high percentage of the profiles posted to these sites are FAKE !

The many fake profiles are probably made only for one purpose: to cheat naive men into sending money for an airline ticket or using another excuse. These love-seeking men will never see their money again and surely never see the person the thought to be mailing with. The profiles are hiding behind fake pictures and who knows... often the beautiful young woman is in fact a man somewhere in USA, Nigeria or somewhere else. These people are just looking for easy cash, so....

Background: pictures copied

Several of my photos is currently circulating and posted to various online dating-sites. The photos are copyrighted material and the models (my clients) on the photos has not approved use of the photos outside the domain crawfurd.dk. The models are mostly young women who are naturally shocked and very angry to find their pictures stolen, abused and posted to dating sites against their will.

As responsible photgrapher and businessman I have to react when I get complaints from models (clients in my company Crawfurd Media). I do not think anybody would like to see their own picture under a strangers name on a public dating site. Just think about what happens when your friends or maybe boyfriend discovers this. Some of the models have actually been having problems with their parents or husband because of this! It is important for me personally and professionally to underline that none of the models are responsible for the posting of their pictures to ghana.co.uk or any other dating site.

The "419" dating scam

I have also had complaints from other dating-site users (men). They were very angry to realise they had been fooled by a fake profile -some of them thought that the girls or I, as the photographer, were behind the scams. I could understand from their stories that the fake profiles are used to trick money out of love-seeking and, admittedly, pretty naive men. The trick is that the person behind the fake profile gets someone to "fall in love". This can sometimes be after months of mailing, exchange of more fake photos and sometimes even phone calls to follow up. This type of fraud is the newest version of what is normally referred to as the "Nigerian 419 scam". When you see the amount of pictures posted and hear the details of a fraud story it seems to be pretty systematic and well organised. Again... I think it is obvious why I have to distance myself and my clients/models from any involvement in these activities which are clearly of criminal character.

Removing the false dating profiles

I have plenty to do keeping up with business and running this website, but I have felt that I need to do whatever I can to at least stop my own pictures from being abused for anything which is morally and legally wrong. I have also promised the models and clients to do whatever I can, to get the photos removed from Dating sites. It seems to be an endless job writing to various dating sites, but most of the time it works. After my e-mailed complaints, most sites promptly remove the pictures and ban the abusive users. I think most sites worry about their professional reputation and wants their user profiles to be "real people" without bad intentions.

The dating site "ghana.co.uk" has ignored all my abuse reports




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