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This page is an introduction to the professional services of the Crawfurd Homepage.

Crawfurd Media offers production and assistance with media, web, photography and communication projects. I have many years of experience with planning and production within a broad variety of media. CRAWFURD MEDIA is able and qualified to offer true "multimedia" covering both video, photo, sound, text, web, database and printed media.

Crawfurd MediaYou have probably noticed that this is not an ordinary media company website. The Crawfurd Homepage is my personal website and part of it is dedicated to my work as a freelance multimedia producer. Are you here for business? Then please visit www.crawfurd.COM for more information.

Web design / projects

Any kind of web projects are welcome. In my view content, information architecture, structure and plans for updating are the first issues to be addressed when planning a site or redesigning an old one. The graphic design is equally important, but has to fit the content. It is never the other way around.

Among the sites I have been working on are:


Production of information videos, company profiles are offered. I have experience in scriptwriting and finding new or alternative ways of telling the story. I can also offer assistance as freelance video photographer, editor or story consultant. As with most I do, I am very keen on getting involved in documentary or feature video/film projects about African subjects.



I am currently open to all kind of photo assignments: portraits, fashion, architecture, press, events, music, dance and culture. I am specially interested in working with NGOs or private organisations/companies covering subjects in Africa.

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