Danish Minister of Integration

Rikke Hvilshøj, Minister of Integration in Denmark, Europe (Minister for flygtninge, indvandrere og integration)

Rikke Hvilshøj, The Danish Minister of Integration was under attack in the past week. Her car and car-port was set on fire,
probably by activists from the extreme left-wing. It was late night on June 8th 2005 and pure luck that nobody was injured as the fire could
easily have spread to the house where the family was asleep. The politics of the current government towards immigrants and refugees
can almost be described as hostile - but no-matter what a politician might do or represent a physical attack like this is completely unacceptable.
The minister and her family is not personally responsable (in fact: sadly it seems the populist government is only doing what the voters want).
Political violence in any form is a direct attack on democracy and should be condemned by everybody.
On this image Rikke Hvilshøj is captured during a public debate June 4th.

Photo of the week (updated June 11th, 2005)
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