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Photos: Sub Saharan fashion show

Newafrica exhibition opening event, August 23 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Newafrica is the world's first exhibition of ultramodern African design. New African design includes haute couture, streetwear, graphics, ceramics, furniture and industrial design - combining cutting edge design with traditional crafts and visions of building a new and better Africa. The exhibition curated by Elisabeth Topsøe and Tina Midtgaard, presents 30 designers of 12 nationalities addressing issues such as: cultural strength and identity, empowerment, sustainability and low-cost housing, improving living conditions through design. The exhibition is open in Rundetårn, Copenhagen from 17 August to 30 September 2007. Later it will continue on a tour around the world to end in South Africa 2010.

Photos from the opening fashion show

The exhibition opened with an African fashion show including works by Deola Sagoe, Craig Native, Ali Adam, Georgina, Mustafa Hassanali and Karen Monk Klijnstra. The show was produced by Wickie Meier Engstrøm with choreography by Toniah Pedersen.

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Newafrica - african fashion show

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