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photos from Mombasa, Kenya (1995-1998)

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Mombasa is the old main town of Kenya. The port of Mombasa (Kilindini) is the largest in East Africa, and has always been important for the city. The old port was the gateway to Africa for traders from Saudi Arabia, Oman, India and Asia (including slave traders). The history of Mombasa goes all the way back to the 12th century. Mombasa has been under influence from shifting regimes of Arabs, Portugese and the British

The old town of Mombasa has a few of the old houses with carved wood doors, that you will also find on Lamu and Zanzibar. This is a very different place from Nairobi and it has not changed much the last hundred years. You will find everything more relaxed around the coast and if you are looking for a historical touch of Kenya you should aim for Mombasa and Malindi.

Video View videoclip from Mombasa and Mikindani (Duration 1:36 approx 2MB)

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