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MayDay MayDay!

Photos from May 1, 2002 in Copenhagen

The photos below are a report from Fælledparken in Copenhagen with focus on the multicultural party, friendships, music and dance.

As Europe is turning right and closing of from the rest of the world, first of May was bound to be a day of protest against this development. Denmark has a new conservative/liberal government keeping its power only with the support from the far-right nationalist Danish Peoples Party. The government is about to ruin what many of us like about Denmark, but the Danish left-wing seems to be paralysed.

In the outer-rims of the park, Danes were celebrating together with people of all nationalities. Maybe not much of a political statement, but at least a multiethnic mayday with music, dance and smiling faces. May 1st in Copenhagen is traditionally also a day where many of the Africans in Denmark gathers in the park. It is a chance to meet friends after a cold and dark winter.


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