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Jacob, shootingPhotos

This section of the Crawfurd Homepage present photo collections and panorama images by photographer Jacob Crawfurd. Use this page to choose what you want to see.

Buying photos / photo assignments

Some photos on this site can be purchased for professional use. Write me a message to hear more. I am open for ideas and assignments. Please note: it is illegal to copy/use any of the images without prior permission.

Photos from Africa

Ghana photos

Photo 108 photos from Ghana.

Cameroon photos

Photo A slideshow with 100 photos from Cameroon in Central Africa. All photos can be enlarged. Go to the Cameroon Photos.

QTVR Also from Cameroon is a 110 degree panorama photo recorded in Bafang. Please note: the photo is about 1 Mb and requires QuickTime. Load the panorama.

Morocco photos

Photo 88 photos from Marrakesh, Morocco.

East African Photo Safari

Photo Video Launch an extensive photosafari to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. Visit game parks, beaches, cities and other beautiful places. Several slideshows and video clips.Go to East African Photo safari

Africa 1937

Photo A collection of black and white photos and notes made by my grandfather. Take a journey around Africa in 1937.

Desmond Tutu

Photo Press photos from Desmond Tutu's visit at the Copenhagen University in September 2004.

Couleur Café 2007

Photo Slideshow with photos from the Couleur Café African music festival in Copenhagen.

cities in Europe

London photos

Photo Photo gallery with new angles from London

Dutch cities

Photo A captioned gallery with photos from Holland/The Netherlands.

Paris photos

Photo A slideshow/guide to the French capital. All photos have captions and can be enlarged. Go to Paris photos.

Slideshow from Southern France

Photo A colourful tour to Nice and other towns on the French Riviera. Go to Southern France.

Copenhagen photos

Photo A slideshow with photos and captions from the capital of Denmark. Go to Copenhagen photos.

Copenhagen Carnival 2002

Photo Photos from the colourful Carnival in Copenhagen, May 2002. Join the salsa and samba in a photographic report from Copenhagen Carnival 2002

MayDay MayDay!

Photo A photographic report from Fælledparken in Copenhagen on May 1, 2002. And a few snapshots from May 1st 2004.


Photo A few photos from the Czech capital. Go to Prague photos.


African Models, fashion, hair and portraits

Dolly Zozo Maryann Brenda CarolyneJune Emilie Emily Victoria More portrait photos

Model photo galleries / African profiles

Photo Brenda
Photo Dolly
Photo Zozo
Photo Maryann
Photo June
Photo Emilie
Photo Emily
Photo More portraits of black African models
Photo Newafrica fashion show
Photo South Africa Heritage event: Fashion show
Photo African Hairstyles
Photos African Kente Design
Photo Black Hair Show

Karneval i KøbenhavnCarnival in Copenhagen 2008

Copenhagen Carnival 2008 took place in May. View the photos the carnival parade through Copenhagen and read the short history of Carnival from an African perspective.

Music and performance / Rock Photos

African music and culture events



Nature and scenic photos


Photo Springtime
Photo Forest & beach

Ski and snow

Alpine VR

QTVR Video Access a collection of Virtual Reality panorama photos from the French and Italian alps. Go to Alpine VR. Including selections of photos from Verbier (2005), Valloire (2003) and Alpe d'Huez (2002).

Other photos


Photo A slideshow with photos from Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. Go to Bahrain Photos.


QTVR A 360 degree VR panorama photo recorded on a sunny beach at San Juan in Nicaragua. Please note: the photo is about 300 kb and requires QuickTime. Vamos a la playa - go to: San Juan VR.

San Juan




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