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Moussa Diallo's Chiwara

Live in Tivoli, Copenhagen, July 9th 2004

This slideshow of photos are from the colourful show during the Jazzfestival in Copenhagen. Thousands were enjoying a special African celebration in Copenhagen's Tivoli-park when singer, bass-player and composer Moussa Diallo joined forces with Danish Jazz trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg, guitarist Mikkel Nordsø and the best African drummers, kora-players and dancers in town. Among the many very professional performancers on stage were: Basiru Suso (kora), Dawda Jobarteh (kora, balafon, tama) Anders Hansen (keyboards), Klaus Menzer (drums), Malick Jagne (percussion), Salliou Dibba (percussion), Ayi Solomon (percussion), Sellasi Dewornu (djembe, dance), Nabiha Bensouda (backing vocals), Barthelot Ekeme Same , Ramata Amtrup and Ebenezer 'Skinny' Quarshie (dance). Click to enlarge and view the full images.


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For tour details and more information about Moussa Diallo and Chiwara, please visit: www.moussadiallo.com/



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