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One of the roads to central Yaoundé. People on the roadside awaits a share taxi going their direction. Yaoundé is the capitol of Cameroon and situated around 700m up in the mountains.

Limbe - Victoria


The coastal town is one of the oldest colonial settlements in Cameroon and formerly known as Victoria. Limbe has an atmosphere and mood very different from what I experienced other places in Cameroon. The town is scenic, relaxed and easygoing with its population of around 40,000. The beaches north of Limbe are black, colored by lava from mount Cameroon. The tropical vegetation grows almost directly out in the ocean.

Kribi - Lobé

Chutes de la Lobé

The Lobé falls is where Lobé river splashes out in the Atlantic Ocean. The small bay of fresh water is a peacefull and beautiful place for swimming, fishing and relaxing. Women pull up huge amounts of shrimps from the small bay. Dug-out canoes are also used for fishing. Here a group of children are enjoying a weekend fishing beneath the water fall.



Girls playing in Kribi. The former colonial town of Kribi is a popular beach resort at the Atlantic Ocean.. Many people from Douala come for weekends in Kribi.

Chutes d'Ekom

Chutes d'Ekom

Big parts of Cameroun is covered by thick rainforest. About 30 km south of Bafang a road turns into a village and down to the forest. It is more than 10 km from here to the waterfalls Chutes d'Ekom. The very impressive waterfall is the biggest in Cameroun with its 80 meters drop. The scenery was made famous in the Tarzan-film Greystoke.

Children playing in Doula


Children playing Ludo in the Dakar suburb of Douala.
With its big port, Douala is the 'economic capital' and business center of Cameroon. Douala has showers most of the year and sometimes big floodings. Here we are crossing a small bridge in the Ndogbati area. The city itself is an urban jungle of citysprawl, activity, mud and noise.


Chefferie de Foumban

Cameroon has several hundred small kingdoms, different tribes and different languages. But the Foumban kingdom is something special. Mainly because of the king (later sultan) who constructed the royal Palace about 100 years ago. The architecture is his own very special design. The king also constructed a unique alphabet for writing down the history of the Foumban. The Sultan still holds court in the palace which also has a very interesting museum.



Morning in Bafoussam, the administrative capital of the Western Province with a population topping 150,000. A city of trade dominated by the Bamiléké tribe.



Walking in the plantations sorrounding the village of Banfeko. Banfeko is further away from the normal routes about 10 km from Bafang. Banfeko is a typical small farming village of Cameroun. Among the crops grown here are coffee. Very good coffee comes from Africa, but very few people south of Sahara actually drinks coffee and most is exported.



Bafang is another town on the route from Foumban to Douala. The town of Bafang is nothing special for visitors but it is located in a stunning mountain scenery. The villages fills the space on each side of the town. Here girls are washing the laundry in a small stream of water.


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