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A list of productions by JCJ film/Jacob Crawfurd, sorted chronological, starting with the newest. Other freelancework and videoproductions directed by Jacob Crawfurd (produced by Vision) are not included in this list)


...is the working title for a full length moviescript. A story taking place in Eastern Africa. Still on the draftboard.

På gensyn i Afrika

Video, 1998/2000. The story of a visit in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. Duration: 30 minutes. View outtakes from the video below:

View video Zanzibar duration 2:08 - 2.7 MB
View video Mombasa duration 1:36 - 2 MB

Low TideLow Tide

Shortstory from Kenya, 1998.
Featuring Kizingo Arts Troupe, Mombasa.
Produced by JCJ Film and BFO videoproduction (Mombasa).
Duration: 13 min. Language: English ('Lavvande' available with Danish subtitles). More information about 'Low Tide'.


Radiospot produced 1996.
A spot about the organisation KLO, distributing litterature on audio tapes for blind and weak-sighted.

ScrapBrev Fra Bahrain (Letter from Bahrain)

Produced 1996. Duration: 25 min. About a 12 year old Danish girl growing up in the Gulf-state Bahrain. The video is another angle on cultural meeting and emmigrant-issues aimed at schoolchildren. But the video can also be used for familys preparing to work abroad. The Video was shown in Danish television. More about the video 'Brev fra Bahrain'.

BogFørt (BookKept)

Video coverEight minutes video presenting the Danish Public Libraries and the world hiding inside the books. The video is without words and has been representing Danish libraries on conferences in Turkey and Japan. The video features original music by writer/musician Jens Fink-Jensen. Produced 1994 for the Danish Libraries a.o. (Bibliotekarforbundet, HK/KOMMUNALs biblioteksudvalg, KFS biblioteksudvalg, Københavns Kommunes Biblioteker, Frederiksberg Bibliotek, Danmarks Biblioteksforening.

Video videoclip from the beginning of 'BogFørt' - duration 1.17, approx 937kb

Per Nyeng skrev i fagbladet Bibliotek70, 94/22:

".... fristelser og muligheder, oplevelser og oplysninger. Via indskudte billedsekvenser fra livet uden for biblioteksmurene antydes det meget effektfuldt og humorladet, hvad det er for verdener af skønhed og djævelskab et simpelt biblioteksbesøg kan oprulle og åbne for en. Og det med en musiksætning af Jens Fink-Jensen, som meget suggestivt spiller op til instruktøren Jacob Crawfurds dristige kameraføring og overrumplende og nærgående billedvinkler. Helt uden tale og underholdende som den er, bør denne video også kunne bruges, når dansk biblioteksvæsens ynde og velmagt skal demonstreres i udlandet."

Tim Juel-Jacobsen

A video and a radio portrait of Danish metal-artist Tim Juel-Jacobsen. Produced 1993. Music by Thomas Hjort Jensen.

Frederiksberg Bussen (The Service Bus)

Informationvideo produced for Frederiksberg Kommune 1992. The video presents two servicebus-lines for the senior citizens of Frederiksberg.

Lad Bøgerne Tale (Let the Books do the Talking)

Informationvideo and videospot produced for the audio-book organisation KLO in 1991. Music by Heinrich Rungsted.


Triple youth portrait for the TRANSIT 3D tv-show in the Danish Broadcasting Service (DR), 1991. The video portraits 3 young Danes telling about their very different dreams, goals and choices.


Information/education video on hash meant for debate and preventive education in schools. 1991.
Newspaper scrap: No lifted fingers in hashvideo

Forgængelige Dage (Days Fly Away)

Fiction/shortstory produced in 1991. 50 minutes existentialistic off-beat roadmovie. Directed by Jacob Crawfurd and Flemming Laybourn. Soundtrack by The Evelyns and Furious Trauma. Special effects by director Shaky Gonzales. Full credits and stills.

The Evelyns

Live performance and music videos with rockband: The Evelyns, 1991.

Chinatown: Peking 1990

Travelvideo. Pictures from the Chinese capitol, 1990.

Velkommen til RUC (Welcome to RUC)

An entertaining video-welcoming for new students at Roskilde University 1990, presenting their tutors.

Den Sorte Hest (The Black Horse)

Videocollage about the end of the last house of the BZ-movement in Copenhagen, 1990.

The Backdoors Live

Live-performance with a DOORS copy band, 1989.

Tunesien (Tunesia)

Travel film, 1988.


Documentary/report about one week of highschool-students strike in 1988. How to run a revolution in micro-format. The strike as part of learning and testing the rules of democracy.

Kriminel og hva' så? (Criminal)

Fiction/shortstory used for criminal-preventive education in schools, 1988.
Music by Henrik Nies features a song with singer Monique Spartalis.
Newspaper scrap

Grøn var håbets farveGrøn var håbets farve (Green Was the Colour of Hope)

25 min. Fiction/shortstory about environmental issues. Story based on the Greek myth of Orpheu and Euridice. Honoured with special acknowledgement at European Environmental Video contest 1988.

Feriekolonien Nordstrand (Summerschool)

Presentation of a Danish Summerschool produced for Frederiksberg Kommune, 1987.

The Dancing Bomb

Videoversion of a school-musical, 1987.


Presentation produced for Frederiksberg Kommunes Ungdomsskole, 1987.


1986, fiction, 45 min.
Gidslerne   Newspaper scrap


1986, fiction, 30 min.



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