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Read article from the Djembe magazine about Low Tide (only in Danish)

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Low Tide

Poster'Low Tide' is a video short story taking place in Kenya. These pages offers information about the video, background for the story, photos, sound and videoclips.

A short story featuring Kizingo Arts Troupe, directed by Jacob Crawfurd

Filmed on location in Mombasa and Mikindani, 1998. The 13-minute long docu-drama is available on video and CD-rom(MPEG).

Photo from Low TideAbout the video

'Low Tide' is a short improvised docu-drama about two tough days for the young Kenyan boy, Wataku. He looses his job and the bad luck just won't stop. The story is triggered and inspired with incidents from Kenya at the time of production.

The video is directed by Jacob Crawfurd in close co-operation with an all-Kenyan crew. We hoped to bring a rare chance for Kenyans to see a feature with focus on Kenyans and 'common' Kenyan subjects. The producers hope this could inspire to more Kenyan storytelling and film making. It is our first experience with making film in Kenya - but certainly not our last. It is also our hope that the video will have the attention of a western audience not familiar with everyday-life in Africa.

Recording and editing was made with low-cost and light-weight Digital Video equipment. Everything was shot in 5 days. Most scenes were improvised by the actors in front of the camera.

The producers:Bob Omondi and Jacob CrawfurdThe video has been produced by JCJ FILM in co-operation with BFO Videoproduction (Kenya) and the Kenyan drama-group Kizingo Arts Troupe.

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View videoclip

VideoTake a look at a videoclip from 'Low Tide' (Duration 1.20 approx 1.03Mb)

Photo from Low TidePrologue from 'Low Tide'

The story of 'Low Tide' is told by a friend of the character Wataku. This prologue serves as an introduction to the film.

Audio Listen to the prologue from the soundtrack (Duration 1.15 - approx. 295kb)
-narrated by Jones Mwashighadi.

"This is our country... Here is sun, happiness and a great nature. Here is so much you can do, but also so much that needs to be done. We have many hopes for our nation, but this last year has been so tough on many people. We have had ethnic clashes, unrest before the election, El Niño, diseases and even a bomb in the center of Nairobi. In the normal dry-season it was raining constantly. Roads and houses were washed away leaving people with nothing.

The low-season has been a disaster for everybody working in the tourist business. Many hotels at the coast have been forced to close. No one knows when they can open again. No hotels, no jobs, nothing...
I have not seen my friend Wataku for along time now. He had a good job on a south-coast hotel. But a letter from the management spoiled all his plans. This is the story of what happened the following days."

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