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Technical Information

The technologies used for this website and assistance in solving possible problems.

Optimised for any browser!

This site is designed for the World Wide Web and is meant to be viewed on a computer monitor! The site is tested on a wide range of browsers and platforms and I have done my best to make everything work. In other words: It should be possible to view this site using any browser, but the you will get the highest aesthetic pleasure, optimal design and usability with a generation 5 browser or newer. The newest version of the big browsers Internet Explorer or Netscape can be downloaded free of charge.

These pages all use validated XHTML 1.0 Transitional. XHTML is the newest version of HTML recommend by the World Wide Web Consortium: w3.org

Valid XHTML 1.0!

JavaScript (Active Scripting)

This site takes advantage of JavaScript, sometimes called Active Scripting . JavaScript is used for rollover effects, changing images, searh, slideshows and other features. If you are using an older browser some features might not work, but it is stil possible to browse the site.

How to enable JavaScript

Most recent browsers supports JavaScript by default. In order to enable JavaScript in your browser. is enabled for you, check here: * Netscape Navigator: Edit > Preferences > Advanced. The "Enable JavaScript" box should be checked. * Microsoft Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Security. Click the "Custom Level" button. Scroll to Scripting section. Under "Active scripting," the "Enable" radio button should be checked.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

The site uses validated CSS2 for lay-out and to maintain a graphical profile on the site. The site will have the optimal design with a CSS enabled browser. Again: all newer browsers supports CSS.

Valid CSS

Watching video and QTVR panorama photos

View video QTVR Audio Several videoclips, audio samples and VR panorama photos are available on this site (look for the icons above). Video and sound is in low quality/resolution to perform quicker on the web. But you still have to be prepared for a little waiting when loading video/sound - specially if you are using a slow internet connection. The multimedia features requires that a software plug-in for QuickTime is installed on your computer.

Get QTQuickTime™

QuickTime™ is a common technology used for displaying digital video and sound on computers. QuickTime is required to use the video, sound and Virtual Reality samples available on this site. It is free to download the software from Apple.

If you have a QuickTime plugin, but the video still doesn't work properly, you will have to update to a new version of QuickTime. Check your QuickTime installation here: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/qtcheck The page will also direct you on installing the QuickTime software. If you have more problems/questions concerning QuickTime, please refer to Apple's QuickTime Support.




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