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It is not allowed to copy, publish or distribute photos from the Crawfurd Homepage. It is strictly forbidden to use the photos on Internet, including other websites and posting to dating-sites, communities, blogs and forums (personal or commercial). These strict regulations are sadly due to several incidents of people stealing and abusing photos from this site. Read about photos abused for dating scams.

Sharing photos

Sharing photos via social media, eg. Facebook and Twitter is encouraged and appreciated. Please use links to the pages containing the photos -not "hot links" to specific jpg-files.

Buying photos

All use of photos requires a written permission from Jacob Crawfurd. Most photos on this site can be purchased for professional use. Write me a message to hear more and see Crawfurd Media for professional photo service.

Screensavers and wallpapers

The screensavers and wallpapers offered on crawfurd.dk are Freeware but not Public Domain. Screensavers and wallpapers can be downloaded for free and used non-commerically on personal computers. It is prohibited to link directly to the files or copy the files to your server without permission. No photos from Crawfurd.dk should be distributed online or in print in any way.



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