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Masks 2004 calendar
African Masks 2004 Calendar: Brooklyn Museum of Art
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Traditional African Art

A page about the style and functions of traditional African art and masks. Also about the influence of so called "primitive art" on contemporary western art.

This page is still under construction!

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A few links to get you started

Smithsonian National Museum of African Art

Online exhibitions and more. Go:

African Art Museum

A collection of African tribal art featuring over 1,000 artifacts from 100 ethnic groups. Go: http://www.zyama.com

Art and Life in Africa project

Preview a CD-ROM based program on African art, based on The Stanley Collection at the University of Iowa Museum of Art. Go to: http://www.uiowa.edu/~africart

African Art on the Internet

African art portal. Go: http://www-sul.stanford.edu/depts/ssrg/africa/art.html

Christas Fine Art Tribal Gallery

Exclusive Copenhagen gallery. A showcase for fine tribal sculpture from Africa and India, and for contemporary Danish and Western art inspired by 'primitivism'. Visit www.christas.dk

New book:

Art from AfricaArt from Africa : Long Steps Never Broke a Back

By Pamela McClusky, Robert Farris Thompson
304 pages, published April 2002.

Excerpt from the Amazon review:

"This strikingly unusual and beautifully illustrated book represents a turning point in African art history. The authors draw on personal memories, interviews, and oral narratives to present twelve "case histories" of objects--or clusters of objects--in the Seattle Art Museum's renowned collection of African art. Each case history is enriched by comments from artists, art historians, writers, community members, and patrons who guide readers back into the markets, palaces, ceremonies, shrines, and streets where African art originated. "


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