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The African Courier

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One of the places you can buy the magazine is the kiosk in Magasin Du Nord . Ask for it, if you don't see it. It is also possible to sign up for an annual subscription.

African magazines: The African Courier

A brief introduction to one of the African magazines published in Europe.

The African CourierThe African Courier (TAC) is a English language news and cultural magazine published in Germany and distributed through subscription and press outlets at train stations and airports, as well as in selected African shops throughout Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland . It will appear in Denmark and Sweden as from December 10, 2004.

TAC was founded in February 1998 to report on African life in Germany and function as a media forum for Africans and Europeans, who are interested in Africa. However, the publishers were convinced that there was a place for this kind of publication for the whole of Europe and has since been expanding to other European countries.

TAC, which is published every two months, focuses on issues directly relevant to its readers but which are underplayed or altogether neglected in the mainstream media. These include Africa-related functions, matters of immigration, community activities, African-European cultural exchanges and opportunities in tourism, trade and investment in Africa.

TAC also functions as a medium of news dissemination for the diplomatic missions of African countries, which use the magazine to publicise their official notices and activities.

TAC reports regularly on visits of political leaders, business delegations and cultural groups from Africa, and reports on the continent from an African viewpoint.

Our readers include Africans and Europeans from all walks of life. The thing they have in common is that they are interested in Africa.

As from 10 December, TAC will be available on newsstands at train stations in Denmark. The copy price is 27 DKr. It will cost 35 SKr in Sweden.


Visit the website: www.theafricancourier.de



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