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PhotoS: Rooftop Theatre group from Zimbabwe

The theatre group Rooftop from Zimbabwe has toured Europe in August and September 2007. The photos on this page are from a performance in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 21. The group of acknowledged actors from Zimbabwe stands firmly on their rights to their artistic expression even though it is far from easy in a country like today's Zimbabwe. In the team of great actors visiting Denmark were founder and producer David Guzha, actors Walter Muparutsa, Mandla Moyo, Eunice Tava, the poet Chirikure Chirikure and not least the singer and musician Chiwoniso Maraire.

Rooftop performed two plays for the lucky audience. The play "Super Patriots and Morons" is a political satire which is banned in Zimbabwe for being too critical of the government and especially the portrait of a paranoid president messing up what he sees as HIS country. "Pregnant with Emotion" is a poetic play about a woman who is pregnant for 13 months. Her baby is refusing to be born untill the country's problems are solved. Go and see the plays if you get the chance. For more information visit www.rooftoppromotions.org

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Rooftop drama group from Zimbabwe

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