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Facts and figures

In 2004 the US military budget is 450 billion $ while the budget for development aid is only 15 billion $.

USA is present in many of the world's poorest countries -but first of all with weapons and military power.



Development organisations in Africa

A number of organisations are working with development and releif in the "third world". Other organisations focus their work on human rights. Others again on something we could call: a global cultural understanding. Cultural exchange from North to South and from South to North is vital for all of us.

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Organisations and NGO

Below you will find links to some of the organisations and NGOs concerned with development issues in Africa.

Jubilee Debt campaign

BUKO Pharma-Kampagne - support the independent pharmaceutical industry watchdog, monitoring the marketing practices of the industry in developing countries. Support cheaper medicin for the developing countries. Also read the bestselling novel by John Le Carré. The Constant Gardener is about the pharmaceutical industry and the developing countries:

Danish aid in Africa

Denmark has for many years been the country in world giving the highest aid to the so called "third world" (measured in percent of the population).

The right-wing government coming to power in Denmark late 2001, plans to cut down on the aid. At least 1½ billion DKK are needed to finance a promised tax-stop. As always the poorest people will have to pay so the rich can get richer. It is surely a very embarrasing lack of moral. But even after the reductions Denmark will still be among the biggest aid-donors. Other rich western countries are even cheaper with their contributions to make the world a bit more fair and safe for everybody.

Organisations and NGO in Denmark

Cultural/humanitarian organisations and NGOs in Denmark.

Developing countries in the Danish media

On the Danish-language site u-landsnyt.dk you can see a list of past and futureprogrammes about the the developing countries in Danish media.



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