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African magazines

A page of links to selected African magazines, mainly the ones published in Europe.

African magazines published in Europe

The African CourierThe African Courier

English language bimonthly magazine published in Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland Denmark and Sweden. TAC serves as a vehicle of information and communication for the community of Africans and Europeans who have an interest in the African continent, its peoples and cultures. Read a brief introduction to African Courier. Also available in Danish.


Africa PositiveAfrica Positive

German language magazine with a positive angle on the African continent. The project was founded by Veye Tatah when she became tired of people only relating to war and famine when talking about Africa. The magazine has existed since 1999 and covers politics, culture, sport, tourism, fashion and music.
Visit: www.africa-positive.de


Coloured Pictures MagazineColoured Pictures

A monthly large-format english language photo journal for Africans in Europe (first of all published in the Benelux). See what's going on in the African communities in Europe. Colourful and with focus on lots of photos. Visit: www.colouredpictures.com

Coloured Pictures MagazineDjembe

The magasine Djembe has been published in Denmark since the Images of Africa festival in 1992. The magasine is the main source for information for those who wants to know what is going on in Cross-cultural Denmark -it also covers the African community. Read more here.

The Voice

African Magazine published in the Netherlands. Visit www.thevoice.nl

UK based magazines (in English)

New AfricanNew African

New African devotes itself to covering exclusively the affairs of the continent and the African Diaspora with the interest of the whole region in mind, not one country or group of countries. New African is identified directly with Africa and gives the reader, once a month, the best coverage of the events which affect the continent. Its purpose is to serve the interests of Africa and it is dedicated to the progress and unity of Africa.
Visit: www.africasia.com/newafrican


Focus on Africa (BBC world Service)

BBC Focus on Africa Magazine is published quarterly by the BBC World Service. Each edition covers the latest political, economic, social, cultural and sporting developments in Africa.
Visit: www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/africa/features/focus_magazine

Afrikan Business & Culture

Published in the UK since January 1997 Afrikan Business & Culture (ABAC) is an independent Black/African owned publication committed to long term community development. ABAC is a unique magazine which promotes issues that affect the economic and cultural development of people of African origin world-wide.
Visit: http://home.att.net/~senseofself/abac.htm

Mano VisionMano Vision

"The publication for Africans and friends of Africa everywhere". Mano Vision was formed in September 1996 by a group of Sierra Leonean professionals who were keen to produce a general interest colour magazine designed to attract a readership among the diaspora of West Africa, in particular that of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia and Guinea. The Mission: To promote regional unity among Africans that transcends national boundaries. To report and analyse African affairs from an African perspective. To raise the profile of African countries in the region. To serve as a forum for nation-building ideas.
Visit: manovision.co.uk


African magazines Published in USA

The AfricanThe AFRican

The AFRican is a bi-monthly publication primarily serving Africans from the Diaspora as well as non-Africans who have an interest in aspects of African life. Visit: www.africanmag.com

African-American magazines


Magazines published in Africa


Online magazines


Africultures is an revue based in France dedicated to the african cultures: cinema, theatre, literature, music, dance, visual arts, photography. It is edited from southern France and has reporters in Paris and on the continent. There are currently 59 issues available all over the french-speaking world. The Internet site and online shop is becoming more and more important for Africultures. Most reviews and articles are in French, but some articles have been translated into English. All are available on the website: www.africultures.com For direct acces to the English content , go to: http://www.africultures.com/index.asp?menu=revue_sommaires&sous_menu=full_list




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