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Sunset in Masai Mara, KenyaKenya

A starting point for your exploration of Kenya: Country facts, links, news and photos.

Kenya flagRepublic of Kenya

Capital: Nairobi
Area: 582,650 sq km
Borders to: Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan,
Population: approx. 30.7 million
Official language: English and Kiswahili
Religions: Prostestants (38%), Catholic (28%), Muslim(20%), Indigenous/other beliefs(27%)

Literacy: 78.1 % of adult population (over 15 years)
Est. infant mortality: 68 per 1,000 live births
Life expectancy: 48 (Women), 47 (Men)

Type: Republic
President: Mwai Kibaki (since Dec. 2002)
GDP: $45.6 billion , $1,500 per capita
Agriculture is 25% of GDP and 75-80% of employment. Services are 62% of GDP.

Currency: Kenyan shilling (KES)

Natural resources and crops: gold, limestone, soda ash, salt barites, coffee, tea, corn, wheat, fruit, vegetables, sugarcane

More facts and figures:

CIA World Fact Book: Kenya

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Discussion groups

Yahoo discussion list for members of the Kenyan Community Abroad, KCA.
Newsgroup: soc.culture.kenya
group: Mwananchi - Subscribe for the Kenyan discussion e-group

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