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Jose Chameleon - Exclusive Photo report

Chameleone - Uganda's number 1 pop star Live on Stage

Jose ChameleoneThis slideshow below consists of exclusive photos from Jose Chameleon's surprise extra concert in "Etnorama", Copenhagen on July 17th 2005. The Swahili-singing Jose Chameleone who is currently one of the most popular singers in all East Africa visited Denmark for a number of concerts in support of fair global trade, and then decided to appear at an extra concert in Copenhagen before continuing to shows in Sweden. This event was arranged by the organisations Faces of Uganda and TICC. The slideshow below covers a successfull evening with a large and happy crowd, from the moment Chameleone arrives in his Limousine. The Ugandan ambassador in Denmark, Mr. Omar M. Lubulwa, was there to receive the popstar together with many other fans. Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.


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