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National Geograhic - Africa, DVD, VHSNational Geographic - Africa

A very impressive and recommendable eight-hour documentary filmed in 11 African countries over a two yeard period. A great portrait of Africa -and not only focused on wildlife and nature as you might think. Released on 4 DVDs or 5 VHS-tapes by National Geographic in 2001.

Episode 1: Savanna Homecoming

The story of two women and their journeys between bustling cities and rural landscapes. You'll experience urban and traditional life in the magnificent land known as the cradle of humankind. (Kenya, Tanzania)

Episode 2: Desert Odyssey

Examine the harsh beauty of the sahara desert through the eyes of a nine-year-old boy as he embarks on his first Tuareg camel caravan. (Niger)

Episode 3: Voices of the Forest

The dense rain forest of Central Africa's Congo River Basin is home to the Baka people. But logging of the forest's old-growth timber could permanently endanger both forest and the Baka villages. (Cameroon, Ghana)

Episode 4: Mountains of Faith

Discover Ethiopia's rugged beauty and ancient traditions in a tale tracing the lives of two young ambitious young men: a precocious entrepreneur on his annual visit in his family's rural village and another young man embarking on a spiritual journey in the dug-out orthodox churches. (Ethiopia)

Episode 5: Love in the Sahel

Two young men participate in age-old rituals guided by nature's complex rhythms. Despite their different backgrounds, both youths have the same goal: to make a successful passage into manhood and become full-fledged members of their respective communities. (Mali)

Episode 6: Restless Waters

In the midst of Africa's fertile hearthlands, on Lake Victoria, a man is about to risk his family's saving's for a chance at a better future. Meanwhile in the Kilombero Valley, another family's fortune is at the mercy of the elements. (Uganda, Tanzania)

Episode 7: Leopards of Zanzibar

On the island of Zanzibar an amateur soccer team has qualified to compete in a championship matchon the mainland.

Episode 8: Southern Treasures

Wittness the efforts and challenges of the new South Africa seen through the eyes of young women seeking new careers, miners struggling in a changing industry, and indigenious peoples reclaiming a storied past.

Episode 9: The Making of Africa

Behind the scenes on the series.

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Mandela: Son of Africa, Father of a Nation

Documentary and portrait of Nelson Mandela. Produced by Jonathan Demme in 1997.


Africa - The SerengetiIMAX DVD: Africa - The Serengeti

Wildlife and nature. Very high image quality (you need a big TV for this one). Narrated by James Earl Jones.

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The American Experience - Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the Whirlwind

USA (2001)
Documentary about the controversial African American leader Marcus Garvey.




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