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A short (not complete) list of Danish produced films from Africa and African films with some kind of connection to Denmark.

Løvejagten (The Lion Hunt)

Denmark (1907)
Directed by Viggo Larsen

One of the earliest movies made in Denmark was about a lion hunt. A real lion was used (and killed) for the film which was shot on Amager Fælled and Dyrehaven close to Copenhagen. Close ups were made in the Zoo. The movie is a curiousity and probably not very good, but still a classic because it launched the golden era for the company Nordisk Film.

Hallo, Afrika forude

Denmark (1929)
Directed by Lau Lauritzen

The Danish comedian couple "Fyrtøjet" and "Bivognen" performs as cannibals in this silent movie from 1929. With Carl Schenström, Harald Madsen, Christian Schröder, Anton de Verdier.

Syd for Tana River (South of Tana River)

Denmark (1963)
Directed by Bent Christensen, Henry Geddes and Sven Methling

South of Tana River is the drama of a womans search for her father, who is a poacher in Kenya. The Danish superstar of the sixties, Poul Reichardt, plays the role as the poacher Axelson. Other parts are played by William Rosenberg, Axel Strøbye, Bent Christensen, Charlotte Ernst and Per Wiking. The film has mostly Danish language and is shot on location in Kenya (Nairobi, Tana and more). Ambitious and rare project in Danish terms. See it for the fun of it if you enjoy old Danish movies -or for the connection to Kenya.

Mit Afrika (Out of Africa)

USA (1985)
Directed by Sydney Pollack

See more details about Out Of Africa -about the Danish writer Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen) and her "adventures" being among the early settlers in Kenya.



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