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You can buy Djembe in kiosks all over Denmark. It is also possible to sign up for an annual subscription.

African magazines: DJEMBE

A brief introduction to Djembe - the leading cross cultural magazine in Denmark. Published since 1992.

Djembe Djembe Djembe Djembe

The magazine Djembe has been published in Denmark since the Images of Africa festival in 1992. The magasine is the main source for information for those who wants to know what is going on in Cross-cultural Denmark -it also covers the African community. Djembe Magazine focuses on inspiration between cultures. We write about cross-culture, world art, world music. The articles are in the Danish language.

The magazine is produced through volunteer work. The Danish Association for Promotion of African Music, Drama & Art, Couples Without Borders, DanTan and the Danish World Music Association use Djembe as a news bulletin for their members.

View more information on www.djembe.dk.

Djembe now for sale in kiosks all over Denmark

From October 2005 Djembe can be bought in newspaper kiosks all over Denmark. Check the list of distributors.



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