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On this page: Somalia, Sudan

Dhow ships
Traditional Dhows in the Indian Ocean.


On deck
Clear distance, but also mutual curiosity between black and white on a ship. The Africans were travelling on deck.

Cape Guardafui - the sleeping lion
Cape Guardafui in Somalia is the most Eastern tip of Africa. Today the cape is mostly known in its Arabic name Ras Asir. The great cliff is also called the sleeping lion - take a look at the picture to see why.


Passing the Gulf of Aden between Somalia and Yemen. Aden is seen in the background. Port of Aden is build on volcanic rock and has always been important because of its location on the sea route between Europe and India. In 1937 it was part of the British Aden protectorate.

Port Sudan
A Minaret in Port Sudan. The port was build by the British in 1905. Britain and Egypt had control of Sudan from 1899 to 1950. Sudan became an independent republic from 1954.


Port Sudan

Workers in Port Sudan

Port Sudan






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