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Photos from Africa 1937 - Page 4

On this page: Zanzibar, Tanzania and Kenya

Stone Town
The narrow streets of Stone Town on Zanzibar.



Stone Town, Zanzibar. The Indian woman in the shop is selling baskets made by her husband. On the wall is an advertising for "Dancow" - Danish milk from The Danish Dairies Milk Export.

Sisal plantation

Agave (Sisal) plantation near Tanga, German East Africa (Tanzania). The Sisal hemp plant was brought to East Africa from Mexico by Germans in 1893. Later it became common also in British East Africa (Kenya) and is still today an important export product. Sisal is used for carpets, clothes and also for traditional huts in Africa.


Usambara mountains

The view from Derema on the road to the Usambara mountains in Tanganyika (now Tanzania). Derema was one of the first coffee and tea plantations in Tanganyika. The first estate was formed in 1891 by the German East Africa Co. Fine tea is produced in the Usambara Mountains also today.

On safari
Man power more than horse power were used to force this car through the impassable roads and jungles of Tanganyika in the rainy season.

Aage Victor Andersen
My grandfather Aage V. Andersen photographed on the road from Tanga to Usambara. And a sketch made by a fellow traveler.

Mombasa, Kenya

Central Mombasa in British East Africa (Kenya).





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