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Port of Durban
Durban, South Africa: Loading coal for the German ship "Tanganjika".



German ship Tanganjika

"Tanganjika" was build in Hamburg, 1922 for the German East Africa Line. In the thirties it sailed under the German nazi-flag, carrying up to 449 passengers and 154 crew members around Africa and to America. From the beginning of World War II "Tanganjika" was used as a depot ship. On November 4th 1943 it was bombed and sunk. (Source: The Shiplist.com)


Painting a ship in Durban

Painting a ship in the port of Durban.


Indian Market, Durban
The Indian Market in Durban.

West Street Durban
West Street in Durban on October 18th, 1937. The South African cities had more cars and traffic than elsewhere on the continent.


Rickshaw bicycle taxi

"Boy" with rickshaw in Durban, South Africa. Probably dressed up to please the tourists and confirm the white regime in their prejudices. On the rickshaw is written: "For Europeans only"!

Zulu children in Natal

Visiting the "Valley if a Thousand Hills" in Natal, South Africa. The children are selling souvenirs for a "tickey" (3-pence).



On this cold day in 1937, the Zulu warriors took of their coats and jackets to pose for the European visitors. Normally white people were not allowed in the reserves, but a few tourist agencies could take tourists to visit a few selected families under strict supervision. Officially it was to "protect the natives from the white race". The Zulu family was paid with cigarettes and matches.

Guided tours in Kwazulu-Natal province
Motor Tours was taking the tourists around in the circular Zulu Kraal. Here the guide "Billy" is posing with the youngest boy.


Expedition in Krüger National Park

Dressed up for safari - 1937 style. Preparing for an expedition to Krüger National Park in South Africa. The park was the first wildlife reserve established in Africa. It was done by proclamation of South African president Krüger in 1898.

Car ferry, South Africa

Entering Krüger National Park. A car ferry were used to cross the "crocodile river". The 3 workers pulls the timber ferry across using wires.


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