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Jacob Crawfurd

JacobAbout me

Are you curios about who made this homepage? The site has many different objectives, but I couldn't help making a section about myself (any personal web site is really nothing but shameless self-promotion anyway ;-) These pages are about who I am and what I do.

Crawfurd... who?

Thank you for reading on. My name is Jacob Crawfurd. I am a young(?!?) man, living in Copenhagen, Denmark and this is my personal homepage. If you browse around this site you will have a pretty good idea about who I am, where I have my heart and what I stand for. The subjects reflect some of my main interests, and I guess my personal views and opinions shines through in most of the text on this site. Sorry, If I get a little carried away sometimes.


Web design and photography

I am a self-employed multimedia professional. I have been working with information on video and new media for a great number of years. I spend a lot of time designing content and user interface for Internet sites. Crawfurd.dk started as a "hobby-site" to try out new ideas, but has now developed into my own Africa-photo-culture portal-showcase :-) Visit Crawfurd Media on www.crawfurd.com for professional information on photography and web design. Through the years I have been involved in most aspects in multimedia production. That is: analysing and deciding on structure and content, designing, writing and testing. My skills cover the ability to use a long list of software for multimedia, CD-ROM authoring, design, html, databases and so on.

I developed a fascination of photo, film and video years before the media turned digital. I have directed several videos for education and information as well as a few short stories. The majority of these has been produced by my own company: Crawfurd Media

After hours

Spare time

I am one of those privileged beings who has managed to combine hobbies and work. I am always working and always enjoying myself! My main interest is communication and telling "stories" through film, photos and new media. I use a great part of my "spare time" maintaining this website.

Great movies are... well, GREAT - and I have spent many hours in good company with friends and classic film masterpieces. I have a wide taste, but always returns to the works of Kubrick, Fellini, Truffaut, Buñuel, Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock. I could make a very long list - and I actually did! Take a look at my recommendations for some of the best movies in the world. Books are also very important for me and you will also find quite a few recommendations for good reading on this site. And music as well. I do not play an instrument, but I listen a lot.

And what else?

Last, but absolutely not least: I have a burning passion for Africa. I have had the pleasure of travelling in Africa several times. I have been visiting friends in different countries and have a little (very little) knowledge of swahili. I have turned into something of an amateur anthropologist with a great curiosity about African history, development, culture and music. With the "Africa in Denmark" page I am trying to give my small contribution to African culture in Denmark. I have also been part of the team presenting Miss Africa Denmark since 2006. In 2008 I was awarded with the title "African ambassador of the year in Denmark 2008" by the initiative: Celebrate Africa - African Achiewement Awards.

If you have been to Africa, you probably know the feeling. If you are born somewhere in Africa you might have the feeling in a different way, but you will hopefully excuse this European-mzungu-obroni for his silly remarks. If you have never been to Africa, I hope you will make your first steps by exploring the Africa section on this site. Check the new Africa Webstore for recommended Africa-related books and movies.

"About me..." What a fascinating subject ;-) I could continue for hours. But if you reached this far, you are probably bored stiff by now. Maybe I could recommend that you relax a little by looking at some of my photographs. If you really came here for me, you still have the choice of reading more about my skills and experience. You could also visit me on MySpace or become a fan of this page on Facebook.



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