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I work as a self-employed "new media" producer and photographer. The following are a few words about my professional background. I have been working with:

  • Photography (fashion, portraits, press, music, reportage, travel)
  • Web design, database and dynamic solutions
  • Development of online photodatabase systems
  • Video production
  • Graphic Design
  • Audio/Video consultant for educational institutions, local TV and radio stations
  • Editorial work, camera and editing on Danish TV (DR)
  • New media/Multimedia production

New Media and web production

I have 15 years of experience being responsible for multimedia, video and web-projects, partly through working with the firm Vision Multimedia. Through this, I gained a wide experience including web publishing and design of interface and navigation. My work has often included production planning and content development for information/education on CD-ROM, video and info-kiosks. Today I am self-employed with my own firm Crawfurd Media.

Check out these links to some of the sites I have designed/coded earlier on:

The Pink Floyd HyperBase

To develop a knowledge of HTML and web design I first created the Pink Floyd HyperBase on the Internet in 1997. I had already been collecting and structuring material for an ultimate Pink Floyd discography. The Internet seemed to be the perfect place to publish it. The HyperBase has grown quite big and the design is still being improved and changed from time to time. The power of the site is the easy access to tons of information on the English rock-band. The site now has close to 3,000 visitors every day and they come from every corner of the world.

TV, film and video

Since 1987 I have been producing a number of short features, information programmes, music videos and documentaries. See the pages about JCJ film.

In 1988 I took part in the European Environment Video Festival. The video 'Green Was the Colour of Hope' achieved a special diploma for...

"the artistic intentions of the production and the ambition of communicating environmental issues in an experimental style."

In the early 90's I worked as a freelance producer/photographer. I also worked with the Danish broadcasting service DR on the show: TRANSIT -doing camerawork (ENG+link), editing, research and producing features.

Some years back I was employed in AV-huset working with L&B Videoproduction. At the same time I had different freelance jobs including camerawork/editing for directors including Miguel Gazull Wrisberg, Niels Thornberg, Linda Krogsøe Holmberg and Klaus Messerschmidt Hjuler.

In 1998 I made a short film together with young actors from Mombasa. Low Tide is about unemployment and other issues concerning the participants. In time I hope to be able to produce more film in Africa, and I devote a big part of my spare time to learn more about culture and society in this part of the world.


I have experience working with digital photography, graphic design (logos, artwork, illustrations), text/script writing and dramaturgy. Basically storytelling is the base of everything I do.



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