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African portraits: emily

14 photos of Emily from Uganda. Read about Emily below and click on the photos to view full-size slideshow with the images. Click on a picture to enlarge it.

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African Women - Profile: emily

Emily was born in the Rukunguri district of Uganda and has lived in Hillerød (Northern Denmark) for the past seven years. Her mother, younger siblings and other family members also resides in Denmark. Emily describes herself as open, outgoing, God fearing and always smiling. An image which is soon confirmed when meeting her. She is always ready to meet people and believes in the good in everybody: “I like getting to know new people and if I can, I help my friends out when they are in need. Isn't that the African way? I think everybody should have a chance.”

Emily is currently busy finishing college and preparing to study dental nursing. She thinks of the education as a good base of starting something. “It's still early to say, but if I get the chance I would like to go back home and try to set up a dental clinic in Uganda.”

At 22, Emily also enjoys spending time with family and friends: “I like catching flicks, clubbing, and once in a while read an interesting book. I also have time for God cause it is important for me to express how grateful I am to have Him in my life.”

Emily searches for words to sum it up and finds a saying: “Life is what you make it,” she says. “That’s why I am determined to make my life a bright one and with all the good people surrounding me and encouraging me, any thing is possible.”


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