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Photo Gallery: Brenda

Pictures of a future black super model? 16 images of the tall, Ugandan Brenda living in Denmark. Brenda was elected "Face of the month" in Coloured Pictures magazine, issue 02-06, 2004. Click on a picture to enlarge it.

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African profiles: Brenda

Brenda was only 3 years old when she came the long way from Uganda to Denmark. She comes from a real African family and has maintained strong ties to her 2 brothers and 5 sisters even though the youngest siblings including Brenda were adopted by a loving Danish family.

Today she is just as European/Danish as her friends and fully content with her base in Denmark. Brenda is still schooling and not yet completely set on the future career. She is a hard worker though and there should be a lot too choose from. Among her favourite subjects are biology and chemistry: “It’s still early to say but maybe I would consider continuing to study biology. But a job as social worker or taking care of kids also appeals to me.”

Advertising safe sex and condoms in D.R. CongoThen of course there is the fun of modelling for fashion and catwalk. Brenda has had some photo sessions and a few professional assignments too. Her smile is actually featured on the package and advertises for the popular condom brand “Prudence” in D.R. Congo. Prudence condoms are distributed through the organisation PSI-Congo / Association de Sante Familiale. Brenda recalls: ”I took some pictures a few times and it was a fun experience. I felt quite at ease in front of the camera and I would like to do more of that. I would like to learn the 'real' catwalking and model for clothes to. I love watching model-programs and admire some of the black models ...especially Tyra Banks.”

Brenda is aware of the Africa in her blood even though she doesn't really feel African, growing up in Denmark. But sometimes she dreams herself back to Kampala where she was born: “We still have family there –and soon I hope to be able to go back to see and learn more about where I come from. Most important for me is to finally meet my grandmother. I know she has a lot to tell me about my family -and about life. I personally think that there is a something for everyone out there. We deserve a chance to spread our wings and fly. All we have to do is try. We may not win, but we may not loose either. We have to reach out and take some chances.”

Important notice regarding the models on this site:
Please note that Crawfurd.dk is NOT a dating site. There seem to be a prejudice among some people that a black girl is "available" when she is posing for pictures. This is a serious misunderstanding! Most of the models featured here are married and they did not have their pictures taken because they are looking for a boyfriend. Respect the models privacy and integrity. Do not write to ask for their contacts. Do not copy the images, post them to other sites or try to use them for scams on net. The aim of the photos on this site is to promote a general concept of African/black beauty -not to disgrace or disrespect people of any race or gender.



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